Fall Package

Wiard’s Orchards & Country Fair FALL PICNICS:

*Available September & October weekends when our ‘Country Fair’ is open

The Wiard’s Country Fair is INCLUDED with FALL picnics. Fall picnic guests enjoy a private food service area while sharing the Country Fair activities which are open to the public. We offer full service picnics with catering for groups of 100 or more.

Bring the team out for a fall picnic, we promise AWESOME!

All weekend FALL picnics include these ‘Country Fair’ attractions:

Fort Wiard Mini Golf (everyone can play!)

Valley View Mountain Slides

The MindShaft (the daytime ‘family-friendly’ version of our famous haunted houses)

Noah’s Ark Inflatable Playground

Giant 35’ High Slide

Bungee Run (Head-to-Head competition)

Moonwalk (a Bouncing Good Time!)

Fire Engine Rides (Steps-up and Seating)

Wagon Rides through Valley View Western Town (Tractor Drawn Wagon Rides)

‘Wiard’s 500’ Pedal Tractor Raceway

Animal Petting Farm (Including Llamas)

Corn Maze (for those who love being lost)




Visuals of our Country Fair can be seen here:


Catering included in the ‘Fall Picnic Package’ Includes:

Flame Grilled 1/3-pound Hamburgers

All Beef Hot Dogs

Johnsonville Brats

Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans and a variety of chips

Soft Drinks Catering, Coffee, Ice Water

Condiments Table & Paper Products

*The Country Store, Bakery, Cider Mill & Donut Shop are also open during fall events.

Cider and Donuts can be added to your fall menu.

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For a fun-filled work-free picnic event, we highly recommend Wiard’s! Move the picnic off of your desk and onto ours. Our "can do" staff will do all of the work for you and you get all the glory! Contact us today!

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